Interim Directions
What We Do

What We Do

Interim Directions is a team of highly experienced Interim Executive Directors who are equipped to best serve your nonprofit organization during a transition. Collectively, we have decades of experience leading and managing nonprofit organizations and have honed skills as problem solvers and transition specialists. Each member of our team is proficient in the areas of planning, fundraising, finance, marketing and governance areas. We employ the best professional practices with creative problem solving and systematic tools to provide a fresh approach to an executive transition. Our goal is to help organizations achieve their missions, stay on track, and think strategically all at the same time.

Executive Transitions provide new opportunities to innovate; but stability is essential. We bring the leadership, wisdom and organizational knowledge to maneuver the obstacles that inevitably arise during these times. We work closely and collaboratively with the board and staff to traverse the rocky terrain of change and arrive at new and innovative solutions to stubborn and prickly problems.

Interim Directions provides our clients with a current working analysis of the organization when we begin and a status report when we conclude the transition. Everything in between is carried out with the utmost of care and collaboration. Some advantages of working with Interim Directions include:

  • We understand what you are going through! We have first-hand experience of successfully operating nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes as permanent and Interim Executive Directors.
  • We are quick at assessing the situation. With many Interim positions completed, we can quickly get the lay of the land and propose some solutions that result in both immediate and long term improvements.
  • We are quick and effective at implementing solutions. We develop a custom solution that includes access to our network of professional expertise. We are a learning community of associates who bring not only our years of experiences, but those of our colleagues.
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  • We utilize best practices to arrive at fresh ideas. We present our clients with the most current thinking and evidence as a means for developing new and innovative solutions to old problems. Whether it is staff evaluation, social media, board governance, or consensus building, we utilize what works and move it to the realm of possible new innovation.
  • We have diverse experiences in a wide variety of nonprofit organizations and communities. We view each organization as a unique entity. We respect and include the people and programs and engage them in service to the mission. We understand and respect the diversity of the people who work within the organization to represent the breadth of opinions, cultures, and values of each setting.
  • We are in service to YOU. We listen with humility, discuss, exchange ideas, hear your concerns, investigate, find the facts and truths, and share openly and honestly with you. You are the experts of your organization and we are here to help in the best ways we know how to build confidence and capacity in your organization and enhance your organization’s credibility and reputation.