Interim Directions

Interim Directions has one focus, to provide excellent Interim Executive Directors to Nonprofit organizations during times of leadership transitions. As experienced interim and permanent Executive Directors, we are passionate about nonprofits succeeding. We know first-hand that effective leadership is not only critical at all times, but is essential  during a transition. Our mission-driven approach to executive transitions prepares and builds the capacity of an organization at a potentially vulnerable, yet transformative time.

We are pleased to offer an array of vital management and organizational services based on our collective competencies and experiences.  Our clients reap the benefits of our extensive and knowledgeable network of associates who bring their breadth of resources and tools to each situation. We look forward to sharing this knowledge with you to best support your organization through your leadership change.

(L to R) Beth Schecter, Darci Smith, David Hartman, Louise Franklin


Our Services

Interim Directions provides experienced transition leadership both as the Interim Executive Director for your nonprofit organization or consultative services. We combine best practices with creative problem solving and systematic tools for a fresh transition approach all while maintaining stability. Read More

Our Expertise

We are a team of highly skilled nonprofit executives with decades of experience as Executive Directors and a diverse portfolio of Interim Executive Director engagements. We have a deep working knowledge of nonprofit organizational life and functions. Interim Directions partners… Read More

Our Clients

Our clients range from advocacy to youth services, human interest to mental health, spanning West Coast to East Coast, as well as those newly founded to 100+ year old agencies. Although nonprofits share many conditions and challenges, our approaches and strategies are tailored for each client’s readiness for change and to produce the most effective transition impact. Read More